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Le Propriétaire

David became vegan in 2015. After doing his own research about veganism, he discovered it is the healthiest way to eat. After he became vegan he felt even healthier than ever before and had more energy to perform his favorite sports like cycling and running. 

​David has been a competitive cyclist since 1999 and received his UCI professional racing license in 2002. 

David's Professional Bike Racing Career : 

  • 2001 - Placed 3rd; Semi-Pro USA National Championships

  • 2002 - Placed 10th; U23 Cyclocross USA National Championships

  • 2003 - Placed 8th; USA 100 mile Mountain Bike National Championships

  • 2003 - Placed 2nd; U23 Pro USA National Mountain Bike Cross Country Championships


Furthermore, in 2003 and 2004, David coached several members of the University of Arizona TriCats triathlon team and the DEVO Junior Development Cycling team.

David has always had a love affair with France as it is the center of the cycling world.  He is excited about organizing vegan cycling tours in France and it is his dream to follow the Tour de France live one day.

David also enjoys cooking for our B&B guests! He loves experimenting with creative dishes and veganising meals on a daily basis.

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