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Well-Being Activities


Cycling and Climbing Tours

David and Marie will be your outdoor guides around the Fontainebleau area for half a day.

Delicious vegan lunch included.

















Private Pilates Classes

Marie is a fully Certified STOTT PILATES® Rehabilitation Instructor. She will individualise your private Pilates classes through an individualised assessment. In addition, she will integrate STOTT PILATES equipment and props to ensure that your body will rebuild it's strength from the inside to out.

Sessions are 60 minutes. 

Private Personal Fitness Training

Marie offers individualised one-on-one fitness programs which will integrate the fun-factor and variety.  Marie will motivate you with innovative training methods and take the boredom out of 'going to a gym'!  She will design a functional whole-body exercise program combined with interval training which can help you attain your personal goals faster, safely and permanently! 

For your convenience, training sessions can be be held outdoors, at your home or close to your work, making fitness accessible and easy. Marie understands that those with busy lives can have difficulty travelling away from home or work. Private personal training also includes bi-weekly measurements (% body fat, weight, body circumferences),

exercise programming and nutrition consultations.  Sessions are 60 minutes.

Group Personal Training

Group Personal Training can be fun and motivating when you are working out with others!  This is also a very cost effective way to attain your specific fitness goals.  If interested, check out Marie's Calendar for when and where sessions will be held. Marie also offers corporate fitness bootcamps. Please contact Marie for more details. All Group Personal Training Sessions will be held outside in a pre-announced local park. RAIN or SHINE! Be prepared to have fun!

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