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"After hurting my hand climbing, Marie was really helpful and worked well on the pain. Very comprehensive, very listening. I recommend her without hesitation ! "

Florian D. , France

"Marie, I've just seen the surgeon and he was very, very happy with my knee! He said you'd done a great job with my rehab and he'd like to thank you for that! I'll tell you more tonight but thank you so much, I couldn't have done this without you!!!"

Scott A., France


"Marie really helped me to get rid of old pain in my shoulder. I have been suffering for 2 years, trying other traditional medical treatment without any improvement. Marie has 'golden hands' and gave me a program to follow to feel better. I recommend her if you need somebody who is very pleasant, very helpful and very efficient !!"

Corinne D., France

“I first started working with Marie whilst recovering from a broken ankle. Marie helped me to improve my overall fitness and health and most crucially to regain my strength, stability and balance - not just in the areas affected by my injury but throughout my whole body. Marie is extremely knowledgeable and experienced in her field and this shows in her training sessions which are individually tailored, concentrated, varied and thorough. I achieved so much from working with her and would not hesitate to recommend her; she is very skilled."  

 - Shona C., Scotland

"After losing 20kg myself, I hit a brick wall losing the next 10kg, Marie helped to focus my goals by keeping my workouts focused on both fat loss and muscle building and setting achievable goals. Marie ensures she keeps my sessions varied and includes stretching. She is as enthused by my achievements as I am!"

— Craig W., Scotland

"Regarding my experiences with Marie, I am very happy I met her. She is very professional and she truly cares about her clients. I always had the idea that I got the special treatment from her with full determination to get me patched up again asap. I'm sure that's how she treats all her clients and I will always recommend her."

Fritz W., France


"Despite me not keeping up very religiously with the combined exercise regimes (just bits and pieces each day or two), neither my knees or my arms/torso have given me any more pain. Well done and thanks. You are a miracle worker."

Dave W., France

"Marie is excellent!  I had twisted my ankle playing football and it was very swollen and painful. Fortunately, I had met Marie and she was able to start treatment in the first week. Marie knows exactly what she is doing and was able to identify the strained ligaments and get to work on reducing the scar tissue. She also devised tailor made training programs for me to follow in between sessions. Without Marie's help, I am sure my ankle would have taken much longer to heal and would not be as strong as it is now. I can thoroughly recommend Marie's services."

- James H., France

"I worked with Marie about 4 months after I had my baby via c-section. During my pregnancy, I had a lot of issues with my pubic ligament that led to chronic pelvic pain during and after the pregnancy. Marie not only addressed this issue, but looked at my entire body to see what may have made my body more susceptible to the problem even before pregnancy. Marie almost has x-ray vision when it comes to treating you body - she can see imbalances in the most minute of ways. I learned so much about myself and how I move, but also how to help strengthen my body to help it move without pain or unnecessary tension. I am truly indebted to Marie, and have become a firm believer in the effectiveness of STOTT pilates. I tell everyone about it, especially new moms who need rehabilitation! Even after we moved from Paris, I'm still doing my pilates exercises every day. Thank you for everything, Marie!" 
~ Alyssa S., France

“I have been going to physical therapy for my entire life and have never had as much progression and felt better than when I worked with Marie. Her knowledge and understanding of the human body is evident and she manages to target specific symptoms while also working on the whole body. In a few short months, symptoms I have had my entire life completely dissipated and I became my strongest ever. I couldn’t recommend her more, she is by far the best PT I’ve ever had and working with her was a pleasure and I wish I could still be working with her."

- Claire M., USA

"Marie is, hands down, the best PT I've ever had. I was suffering a lot with back and hip pain, and while there is no magic cure for me, Marie helped me learn how to work with my body better than any of the other clinicians I've worked with. She always brings a positive energy and a tremendous knowledge of anatomy and exercise. She just has so many "tools in her belt." I moved away and I already miss her! I'm sure there are other good options out there, but she's likely the best."

~ Daniel E., France

"Je ne sais pas comment te remercier pour tout ce que tu as fait pour remettre ma hanche en bon état ! Grâce à toi je connais les meilleurs exercises à faire. Tu es la meilleure !"

- Bruno K., France

"Marie is amazing! I had a few PTs that were just not helping. My pain would go away but would always come back! I had about 10 visits with Mary and 5 months later I am still pain free!"

- Julie U., USA

"With a huge heart full of appreciation, I thank you so very much for your dedication to your career and for making people like me healthier, stronger and more knowledgable. You have... by far.... been THE best PT that I have ever worked with and I have learned so much about my body over the course of the last year."

- Danielle G., USA

"Many can be trained as a PT, but few have that natural insight into how the body fits together and works together. Marie has that special intuition. I've had neck and back issues for years and have been in PT for years. Marie is the only health professional that has managed to align and strengthen my body and relieve the tightness and pain. Not only is she knowledgeable and adept, she's fun to work with. I saw her in the US for over 2 years and will miss our PT appointments, but have hope that hubby and I can visit her retreat in France!"

- Brenda P., USA

"Marie is so much more than a Personal Trainer, she is the expert you want to have beside you when you realize that training means so much more than push ups/squats and crunches. So, if you need someone that can make a special training program designed for you, help you with recovery and nutrition and really take care of your overall health, then train with Marie, she knows her thing :) !"

- Leo D., France

"First day when pain in my knee is almost gone!! We need to do more PT sessions! Thank you so so much!!!"

- Ana-Maria Z., France

"My osteoarthritis in both knees caused pain and swelling that had become increasingly worse over time. My work demands that I am mobile, I initially sought an orthopedic specialist which recommend PT to see if I could put the surgery off for awhile. Marie as my PT, spent ample time evaluating my symptoms through a multitude of movement assessments to reach the heart of the underlying problem. She truly had my best interest at heart. Her passion shines through her work, and I recommend her to the highest degree to anyone suffering from musculoskeletal pain. I will forever be grateful to Marie for her professionalism, patience and expertise."

- Terry S., USA 

"When 45 years of abusing my body with extreme sports and motorcycle wrecks finally became too much, I sought the help of Marie. I am still amazed at how quickly she put me on the path to recovery. Simple but effective, she listened and observed, then pinpointed my areas of pain and discomfort. With hands on techniques Marie quickly had me doing things I hadn't done in years (like moving my hips when I danced). Thank you Marie for caring." 

- Jon M., USA

"I had a very serious back surgery (corpectomy) and I found Mary to be caring, knowledgeable, and professional over the two years I had her as my physical therapist. She designs her plans of P.T. care and home exercises to fit her clients’ individual needs. She always found new ways to address my concerns as my condition evolved." - Denise W., USA

"The first time I sign up with a trainer, I pick Marie... very lucky. She is a great trainer, technical and knowledgeable. I trained with her for almost a year in Aberdeen, and I feel a million times better than when I started. I am stronger and have better balance and about 15 pounds lighter. Eventually I stopped losing weight and started gaining muscle. I just trained with my nephew over the holidays, who is 20 years younger than me and trains all the time. I had no problem keeping up!"

- Eric S., Scotland

"I worked with Marie for over one year and she was extremely dedicated and knowledgeable in helping me overcome running injuries.  Marie’s only concern was making sure that I healed and that I learned how to best use my body in order to be active for the rest of my life."

Matthew R., USA

"I truly admired your level of enthusiasm and passion for people and healthy life style. Keep it that way! Many thanks also for your PT sessions. You have got iron hands, they can do magic things."

- Malgosia W., France

"Marie is a miracle worker! She took a couch potato who never stepped foot in a gym and made her a marathon runner (okay, walk/running, but still, I did a race!) She taught me about whole body workouts, good vs. bad calories, and how to work out independently. I am attempting to load a picture with my testimonial. You can also view it here: "

- Julia P., USA

"Marie has been my PT for several years. She has a very holistic approach to physical therapy, using a variety of methods that immediately reduce my pain, and more she importantly, developed a personal program to help correct my structural imbalances to correct the problem at its source. Marie is extremely professional, yet very personable. I know she genuinely cares about my progress." 

- Alethea S., USA

"I have been told I am a “complex” case by doctors, physical therapists, surgeons - by all that I have worked with over the last three decades. They are right, I am, but Marie has been a wonder to me. Through her work on me and through her work on teaching me how to use my body correctly she has helped me gain mobility, ease of function, body awareness, tone, strength, stamina, a much quicker recovery from over exerting myself, and the ability to hope and work toward more function and even greater recovery.

When I first saw Marie, I was in such great pain and tightness in my neck and shoulders! I couldn’t sleep for the pain and my activities and mobility were very limited because of the pain and my surgically-fused midneck through occiput.
 Marie worked to release the locked-up tightness in my neck and shoulders. She’s knowledgeable, intuitive and very strong. She is aware of the subtleties of HOW the body works and how to rebalance and strengthen the underlying core muscles through correct movement patterns, neuromotor timing, and proper recruitment (so that they are contracted enough without gripping). She understood the underlying causes of my physical distress and limitations and moved past surface symptoms to the underlying causes.
The exercises she has me doing have helped me improve ease of movement, strength, function, and endurance. I have correct posture for the first time in my life and it has given me better balance and a stable, centered base to move from. She is also very encouraging, caring, and fun to work with!" 

- ChrisAnn M., USA

"Marie is the most technically proficient trainer I have ever met. She knows the body, how to train ANY body and could change literally anyone's life. Marie is your trainer. If you are super motivated and 100% committed to excellence, Marie will make you better."

- Jennifer W., USA

 "Over the years I have had many trainers, but not as motivating, and relentless in the nicest way, as Marie. She made sure that she varied every session with her, so you never got bored. We have lost the Best Trainer I ever had, which is very much your Gain. She will whip you into shape, smiling all the time, miss you Marie." 

- Bernadette K., USA

"Another good session - enjoyed it lots. Both Elaine and I will be there on Monday. Looking forward to those abs of steel!"

Elaine and Alan G., France

"Many thanks for yesterday's bootcamp. It was really great and I enjoyed it very much. Looking forward to next sporty Monday with you."

- Maggie W., France

"I have really been noticing the difference with my fitness and health with the bootcamping! It has been great! I will definitely miss it! And miss you pushing me for a bit more (I do need it most of the time! haha!)."

- Luis R., France

"Excellent bootcamps and really helpful physio - even though it hurt at the time, it was worth it. Mary is motivational and inspirational, always pushing me to go that little bit further or harder. We'll sorely miss her in Paris!"

- Alan G., France

"I have had the pleasure of participating in Marie's bootcamps for the last 18 months. Marie has been a fantastic bootcamp instructor, motivating me to work harder and helping me to improve my technique. Marie is a master of diversity, ensuring that we work all of our muscles every week, and catering to a wide range of age and fitness levels."

- Jessica K., France

"Thanks for your inspiring bootcamp in sunshine and rain!" 

- Jeroen V., France

"I will miss your encouragement at Boot camp. In the short time I've been attending I have enjoyed the varied exercises each week and appreciated your attention to good form (sloppy form being something I'm guilty of ?). I've been incorporating your many core stabilising tips into the numerous stomach crunches I do every boxing session already!"

- Shane W., France

"Thank you for keeping us fit!"

- Irina K., France

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